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What is a Chicago Green Contractor?

A contractor, simply put, is someone who is educated and licensed to help construct, demolish, plan, and repair structures. An individual contractor may be focused on architecture, construction, demolitions, repairs, installation of plumbing fixtures, or any number of related fields. The ability and understanding of performing any task related to construction, remodeling or demolition of a building lies with each contractor.

A Chicago Green Contractor can perform all the same tasks as a general contractor, but they are focused on working as closely with the local flora and fauna as possible. They use renewable resources, design buildings to be extremely efficient and low-cost, and are continuously concerned for the amount of waste generated by the construction process and the building itself during operation. A Chicago Green Contractor is focused at creating homes and businesses which are helpful to the occupants, public and the earth.

Your Chicago Green Contractor: Helping the Earth

How is using a Chicago Green Contractor better for your project and for the planet? city>>> Green Contractor is uniquely trained to reduce negative effects right from their project's beginning. A building site is chosen very carefully by them in order to decrease the impact on both the environment and public. They strive to design and build structures capable of efficient energy use and low waste output.

To understand the difference between general contractors and a Chicago Green Contractor it is important to consider this. Modern construction methods often affect traffic, generate a great deal of dust, smoke, and unpleasant odors, are extremely loud, and leave behind a massive amount of wasted materials. You've probably experienced the negative side of modern construction while on your way home or perhaps while living next door to someone building an addition or adding a pool to their home. a Chicago Green Contractor tries to disrupt their surroundings as little as possible during and after construction - meaning that you are much less likely to be bothered by the noise, smell, or debris. This means much less irritation for you, less cost for the construction company and the state, and ultimately a greatly lowered cost to operate the home for the homeowner.

Designs by Chicago Green Contractor

Because residential and commercial buildings tend to use a great deal of electrical power, Chicago green contractors try to focus on harnessing the power of the sun to energize electrical appliances and provide natural lighting, when available. Water run-off and waste is controlled with the use of roof gardens and rain gardens, which, in turn, provide a building-specific air purifying effect, as the plants filter pollutants from the air and recycle it into oxygen.

The detrimental effect on the ground water by the non permeable ground materials such as asphalt and concrete is known to every Chicago Green Contractor. Ground water is essential for regulating the ecosystem during rainy seasons, among other things. To this purpose, your Chicago Green Contractor may use packed gravel or permeable concrete in place of the non-permeable surfaces.

Chicago Green Contractor: Methods and Materials

As for building materials, your Chicago Green Contractor will probably look for local suppliers of recycled, natural, or fast-growing resources. Bamboo, straw, sustainable forest lumber, and recycled stone, metal, and plastics can all factor into the design your Chicago Green Contractor creates. Reducing energy use and waste are also important factors considered by your Chicago Green Contractor. Windows, doors, and other vents are carefully designed and oriented around awnings, trees, and porches to supply maximum cooling effect in the summer and maximum lighting during the winter months. Insulation is strategically used. Your Chicago Green Contractor can even include power generation structures in the design, allowing you to harness the sun, wind, and water for your own purposes.

‘Gray water’ processors or rain collectors maybe included by your Chicago Green Contractorto reduce the waste. After treatment, this water can be used to irrigate the soil and flush toilets, or be pumped through a house for outdoor cleaning and watering projects. On-site compost bins are typically part of the design, as they help reduce the amount of waste being sent to local landfills. If you intend to grow a garden on your property, or know of a local garden that would accept donations of fertilizer, your Chicago Green Contractor can include a plan for the processing of waste and wastewater into liquid fertilizer. The effect of your home on the local waste and water treatment plants is greatly reduced by these methods.

Your Chicago Green Contractor: Service with a Smile

If you have a home remodeling idea or project you've been considering, you should get an estimate from a Chicago Green Contractor. With their energy efficient and renewable materials approach to construction, not only is time and money saved during the process but saving will be realized for years.

Many people overestimate the cost of green building; on average, building with green methods and materials only costs about 5% more than conventional construction. This additional 5% in initial cost translates to saving hundreds, even thousands, of dollars per year in overall energy and waste costs. Whatever you need done, a Chicago Green Contractor will handle the task with environmental awareness and concern, as well as professionalism, speed, and helpfulness. Call your Chicago Green Contractor- hiring green today means living green tomorrow.


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"We highly recommend Mr. Dan Baltudis and GreenGo Inc. Mr. Baltudis is a superb designer, talented general contractor, and most importantly a professional gentleman. In today's economic climate, Dan was a master at watching costs and finding alternatives at every turn to minimize costs. This was done without compromising quality and done with a smile every time. Most projects of this type usually run over budget-- Dan was diligent to get maximum results while meeting or beating the budget."

Thomas Fortune - Fortune Restoration

"We had purchased our first house: a foreclosure that needed work! We hired Dan of GreenGo, Inc. to remove a bedroom that was built in the dining room, design and build a hardwood staircase, install wide-plank hardwood flooring and a hardwood bench in the master bedroom, repair and restore the hardwood floor on the first floor and build a new laundry room including plumbing and electric. Also, one of Dan's cotractors repaired and adjusted our furnace, replaced the missing a/c lines and replaced the refrigernat. Dan even fixed botched up work that was done by a previous contractor ! One more thing: he did it all in 22 days ! FIVE STARS ! "

Tom & Angela K.

"I would highly rate him, he was superior in everything, for the remodel of the building. It was a large building, took six months, production was great customer service. He really cared for the customer with professionalism work. "

Robert F.